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Negative Emotions? | Dredge the Acupuncture Channels

The stagnant energy in each 12 main acupuncture channels can bring negative emotions. Let's dredge the channels to reduce negative emotions.

1. Gallbladder - anxiety

Gallbladder's positive energy governs judgement and decision-making; it's negative energy brings anxiety. A strong gallbladder is responsive for being assertive, making decisions and following though. Obstructed Gallbladder channel results in lacking passion, feeling timid, hesitant and anxious.

2. Liver - anger

Liver's positive energy governs planning; it's negative energy points to anger and accusation. When liver channel is obstructed, this person is irritable and tends to accuse and argue with others. Dredging the liver channel can lower the liver fire and pacify the mood.

3. Lung - grief or sadness

Lungs' good energy is responsible for taking clean, oxygen-rich air into the body, and breathing out air full of harmful carbon dioxide. When lung channel is obstructed, the ability to accept new experiences and to let go of things that are painful or harmful decreases. Dredging the lung channel help let go sadness and get back positive emotion .

4. Large intestine - remorse

Large intestine's function is transport and discharge waste; it's negative energy connects with remorse, guilt and the inability to flow with life. Dredging large intestine channel helps clear stagnant state of remorse.

5. Stomach - impatience

Stomach accepts food and it's positive energy should be open; people with obstructed stomach channel do things rash lacking of patience. They often have acnes on face or pustules on body. Dredging the stomach channel can sooth the rashness and excrete toxins.

6. Spleen - feeling aggrieved and complaining

Spleen's positive energy governs thinking; it's negative energy brings complaints. Among the 5 elements, spleen is earth. Spleen has the nature of the vast ground, bearing the weight of all good and bad. If spleen functions well, it accepts cold hot sour bitter sweet and every taste. If the spleen channel is obstructed, this person complains about accepting everything and feel aggrieved.

7. Heart - grudge, bitterness, or resentment

Heart's good energy is happiness; it's bad energy is grudge, bitterness and resentment. These negative emotions root deep in heart. Over time, heart Qi and blood is damaged resulting in heart channel obstruction. Cardiovascular diseases often come from heart channel stagnation.

8. Small intestine - depression

The positive energy of small intestine governs sympathy and compassion; however too much sympathy and compassion lead to depression and even sorrow. Depression and sorrow can result in ulcers. Dredge small intestine channel and look at things with a peaceful attitude.

9. Urinary bladder - inactive

Urinary bladder channel faces the sun. The good energy should be active, sunny and smiling. When urinary bladder channel is obstructed, it is the same as cloudy days without the sun, we become inactive and negative.

10. Kidney - fear

Good energy of kidney brings wisdom; bad energy of kidney is fear. When kidney essence is abundant, this person is wise and brave. When kidney essence is damaged and the kidney channel is obstructed , this person doesn't have enough wisdom and he becomes fearful and panic when dealing with things. Children's kidney essence may be damaged if they watch horror movies and bloody video games often.

11. Pericardium - inhibition

Pericardium helps the heart to deliver happiness. When pericardium channel is obstructed, heart's happy signals can not be sent out. Dredging the pericardium channel helps relieve inhibition and improve happiness.

12. San jiao - nervousness

San jiao's positive energy is lightness; it's negative energy is nervousness. Regulate and harmonize san jiao channel reduces nervousness effectively.

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