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Fire Cupping with Glass Cups

Fire Cupping with Glass Cups

Vacuum Cupping

Vacuum Cupping

Relieve pain and stress

Get creative with cupping marks !

Cupping is a great ancient therapy that acupuncturists often use in conjunction with needling. Cupping is becoming increasingly popular now.


There are fire cupping, vacuum, silicon cupping etc to choose from. If conditions allow, fire cupping would be the most authentic and traditional. Beyond the suction action, fire cupping also nourishes the body with warmth. As you may know, warmth is emphasized in TCM. However vacuum and silicon cups, the modern version of cupping, are convenient to use at times.

The acupuncturist burns a flaming cotton ball in a thick cupping glass to delete the oxygen air to get negative air pressure inside the glass, then attaches the glass upside down on your skin to create the suction and cause the skin rise. The skin will show different colours and your acupuncturist can tell more about your body condition from the cupping marks.


The suction action of cupping can reduce the stagnation of Qi and blood, remove harmful internal pathogenic factors, such as cold, damp, wind, heat etc and promote healing. People get cupping for many purposes, such as pain, chronic aches, muscle stiffness, blood flow, relaxation and well-being and as a type of deep-tissue massage. Cupping is most commonly used on the shoulders and the back. Cupping can be used in conjunction with Scraping Gua Sha to stimulate circulation of Qi and blood. Especially around small areas without thick muscle mass, scraping comes handy, such as the neck.

Cupping draws blood close to the skin surface and may cause mild bruising, redness and some local tenderness and it will go away in a few or several days. Patients are advised to stay warm and avoid chills for 1 - 2 days. Avoid bath on the same day after cupping.

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