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QHow much are the rates? What you should know before booking an appointment?

A: $110 for 1 hour clinical acupuncture session. Initial session and follow-up sessions are the same price. No taxes or other fees on top of it. No extra fees on initial consultation.


The initial session includes initial consultation and treatment, therefore please plan to stay longer than 1 hour for the first visit.

This 1 hour clinical acupuncture session, besides acupuncture, may include another modality to achieve optimal result: such as cupping, or scraping, or electrical stimulation, or gentle moxa, depending on the patient's conditions.

$120 for facial acupuncture sessions.

Please text to 647.887.5828 when you have questions regarding change of time, rescheduling or cancellation; No consultation will be provided over the phone or email. Phone calls will NOT be answered due to large amount of solicitation and scams. 

Q:  What will happen in initial session and follow-up sessions?

AYour first appointment includes signing the consent forms, thorough initial intake, and interview and consultation on your chief complaint, medical history and overall health so that the practitioner can know your condition better . Plan to stay longer than 1 hour for the first visit.


The follow-up sessions do not involve as much interview, and we will focus on the progress of your chief complaint and treatment.

Q:  What are the methods of payment?

A: Patient is responsible for the full and prompt payment after the services have been rendered. We accept debit cards, credit cards and cash payment. Acupuncture treatments are covered by many insurance plans, and insurance receipt will be provided. Please contact your insurer whether your acupuncture treatment is covered by your plan or not.

QWhat should I wear for acupuncture treatment?

AIt is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothing to allow access to arms, legs and trunk.

QHow soon will I start to see changes?

A: It varies from person to person, depending on several factors, such as age, how long the symptom has been present, level of severity and the patient's general health condition. Most people begin with 2 sessions per week for a few weeks, then decrease the treatment frequency as the condition improves. Acute problems may respond within a few treatments; chronic problems may take a course of 10 treatments before seeing steady changes.

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