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The Health Benefits of Tea | The Big Numbers

What are the health benefits of tea?

Here are all the big numbers.

  • These days there are over 3 billions of people in the world who love to have tea.

  • China is the No. 1 tea production country, accounting for about 40% in the whole world. But in terms of tea consumption per person, Chinese rank only the 19th in the world.

  • China is the homeland of tea. As early as 3000 years ago, Chinese people had been enjoying tea already. However, right now the biggest name brand of tea is British, although those tea was not manufactured in UK.

  • Research on seniors over 100-year-old shows that 40% of them love tea; 80% of them have the habit of drinking tea.

  • Antioxidant property:

a cup of 300ml tea = 1.5 bottles of red wine = 12 bottles of white wine = 12 bottles of beer

= 4 apples = 5 onions = 7 cups of fresh orange juice

  • Anti-aging property: according to the study by Japanese scientists, the anti-aging property of tea polyphenols is 18 times of vitamin E.

  • weight-losing property: taking 8 - 12 grams of tea every day can lead to 3lbs of weight loss in 12 weeks.

  • In 1999, the Japanese government launched a national campaign of "Drinking Tea to Prevent Cancer" . 8522 people were studied for 10 years. The result shows that tea-consuming habit can delay cancer development up to 7 years on female patients; 3.2 years on male patients.

  • According to the studies on by different institutions in Japan, US and Australia, those who drink green tea regularly are 60% less getting prostate cancer comparing to the counterparts who don't.

  • 2 cups off tea daily lowers 40% chance of ovarian cancer. According to the study by Kalolinska Institute in Sweden on 61057 females between 40 to 76-year-old, drinking 1 cup of tea daily lowers 18% chance of ovarian cancer; 1 - 2 cups of tea daily lowers 24% chance of ovarian cancer; and over 2 cups of tea daily lowers 46% chance of ovarian cancer.

  • According to a study done in Singapore on 63257 people for over 12 years, middle-aged and senior people who drink black tea regularly have 71% less chance of getting Parkinson's disease.

  • Japanese scientists also find out that consuming tea for over 6 months reduces the development of cardiovascular disease and alleviates diabetic symptoms.

  • Among people who develop cataract, 28.6% drink tea regularly; 71.4% do not drink tea regularly.

  • It is also believed that, EGCG, a type of tea polyphenol, effectively impedes HIV from spreading in the body.

  • According to Japanese study that tea polyphenols can kill bacterium coli and protect intestines and stomach.

  • One last important note, tea promotes the secretion of dopamine, which makes us feel happy :)

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