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Shower after Cupping?

Cupping has many benefits such as "moving the Qi and invigorating the blood", "relaxing the sinews", "reducing the swollen and pain", "expelling the wind and dampness" etc.

Cupping is pleasant and relaxing. In clinic, patients generally favour cupping over acupuncture for the obvious reason :)

Here are the 2 important "after cupping" things you should know.

1. Take a shower right after cupping? No.

You may have cupping done right after shower, but not the other way around.

After cupping, the affected skin is more fragile. Shower or bath may result in skin damage and inflammation. If you take a cold shower, the coldness will enter the body because cupping opens the skin pores.

Therefore, don't take a shower or bath right after cupping. Usually, it is not advisable to shower within 3 hours after fire cupping. Skip bath for the day after cupping.

2. Keep warm after cupping.

After cupping, the pores on the body are open, you must keep warm. Otherwise if the wind and coldness enters, you may catch a cold, which is bad to the health.

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