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High Incidence of Diseases in Spring

Spring is here. The old disease will sprout with the rise of Yang energy. What are those high incidence of diseases in spring?

- Allergic diseases:

Flowers and trees revive in spring and more allergens spread in the air, such as pollen, catkin, allergic microorganism. Those with allergic constitution may develop asthma, urticaria, allergic purport and many other allergic reactions.

- Cardiovascular diseases:

In spring, people's emotions are more excited and the spring chill causes vasoconstriction. Therefore blood pressure tends to rise causing cardiovascular diseases.

- Rubella:

Rubella usually starts with low degree fever. After 1 or 2 days, light red rashes appear on face and neck areas, and within 24 hours they quickly spread to the whole body.

- Stomach ulcer:

Increased metabolism of the body and increased secretion of gastric acid can induce ulcer.

- Red eyes:

Acute red eyes are caused by bacteria or viruses, and often happen between spring and summer. It can break out in densely populated places such as schools.

- Influenza:

Influenza is the most common infectious disease. It happens in all seasons, but with higher incidence in spring and winter.

You should keep your windows open for 30 minutes daily for fresh air. Eat light instead of thick greasy foods and remember to drink water . Don't be too distressed when any of the above symptoms appear and seek medical help asap.

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