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No Cold Drinks | Maintain Healthy Spleen and Stomach

No matter you're young or old, male or female, you shall try to avoid cold drinks, cold cream and such.

It's common to see that medicine is not effective to old people and taking nutrients can't make up the nutrition. The reason is poor function of the spleen and stomach . As getting older, body fluid decreases and the spleen and stomach become weaker too. However bad lifestyle and habits can accelerate the digestive system's degradation. It is important to eat slow, light and warm; avoid cold food and especially no cold drinks.

Middle-aged and old people usually have weaker teeth, sometimes have chronic gastritis, chronic colitis, duodenal ulcer and cholecystitis etc., they should not take cold food and drinks. Drinking a lot of cold drinks may cause the blood vessels to contract suddenly and the blood pressure to rise. For hypertensive patients, it is easy to induce cerebral hemorrhage.

Cold drinks can aggravate inflammation of the throat or induce cough. For those with weak lungs and respiratory problems, not only you should not drink cold in summer; you should drink warm water all year round.

Quickly taking in a lot of iced beers on hot summer days may induce heart attack.

Women, for all year round, should avoid cold food, cold drinks, ice cream, avoid cold showers. Otherwise you are susceptible to painful menstruation, irregular menstruation and other reproductive problems.

Young kids at the stage of growing and developing need balanced nutrition. Cold drinks contain much sugar and lack of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals etc. Cold drinks often contain artificial fragrance. Prolonged exposure to those fragrance can affect the transmission of neurons and cause ADHD in children.

People crave cold drinks because they feel cold drinks "instantly reduce fire". In fact, cold food and cold drinks can not clear heart fire, instead they damage the yang energy of the spleen and stomach and damage the body's yang too.

Too much ice cream can give you headache. When having ice cream, remember to eat it slowly with small amount each time. The upper jaw will quickly get cold after having ice cream. The temperature drops too fast and the nerves in the back may send an error signal to the brain causing the vessels of the brain to contract rapidly. After a short time, the temperature of the upper jaw returns to normal, and the nerve group sends a normal signal to the brain, causing the blood vessels of the brain to expand rapidly. Although the process only lasts for a few seconds, the contraction and expansion of the blood vessels can cause headaches.

It helps if your food and drinks are slight above body temperature around 40-50C. By doing so you are conserving your yang energy and helping the spleen and stomach to absorb and transport nutrition, and helping the kidneys to eliminate metabolic toxins.

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