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The Summer Not-to-do List

The hot summer is coming! We think about beach, bikini, swimming, cold drinks...however do you know what are the not-to-dos in summer in order to avoid health problems?

- Stomach

Summer is the season of high incidence of intestinal diseases. Bacteria, viruses and cold, unclean foods are the causes of gastrointestinal diseases. Under the high temperature, foods will quickly deteriorate with improper storage, causing nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. For more information regarding summer diarrhea, please read the previous blog.

Hot weather may cause poor appetite, it's important to keep regular meals. Fasting or irregular diet many damage the gastric mucosa. When taking cold foods, you may add some ginger to warm the stomach and kill some bacteria.

- Water intake

With high temperature and profuse sweating, the body needs more water. Many people are used to drinking water quickly. When drinking water too quickly, the water is quickly absorbed in the small intestine then enters the circulation. The blood becomes thinner and the blood volume increases. People with cardiac discomfort are prone to chest tightness, shortness of breath and other symptoms.

Therefore don't drink water too fast. Small amount about 100-150ml each time and multiple intakes are better. Drink warm water instead of cold water.

- Neck

Many people enjoy air-conditioned environment. Direct wind blown against the neck from air-conditioners or fans can cause sore achy cervical spine and back pain. Sitting long-hours will make the symptoms worse.

Therefore keep the interior temperature not lower than 26c. Don't let your neck and shoulders face direct wind. If you can't adjust the room temperature, make sure to use a shawl to protect yourself and have a hot compress to your shoulders at night.

- Allergy

Time between spring and summer is of high incidence of allergic problems. A variety of bacteria and viruses are waiting in the wings. Many allergens come from outdoors and there are many indoors too. The commons ones are molds in the kitchen, dust mites in the bedroom and pollen on the balcony.

Therefore we shall do more cleanings in the summer, at least once every 2 or 3 days. You may also use an air purifier to clear allergens.

- Eyes

Eyes, same as the skin, are subjected to aging due to much sun exposure. Remember to use sun glasses, hats or parasols. You can also take more eye-nourishing foods, such as goji berries, Chinese yam, carrot, blue berries etc. Bacteria breed quickly in summer and avoid rubbing your eyes with hands.

Summer is the time to cultivate more yang energy. Having a good summer ensures a good peaceful winter to come.

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