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Who Should Get Acupuncture | Who Shouldn't

Who should get acupuncture? Who shouldn't get acupuncture?

I get asked "Can you swear acupuncture helps?"

"Yes, I swear."

"Can you prove acupuncture is scientific?"

"No, I don't try to prove acupuncture scientific."

Acupuncture can help almost everyone. As long as you're willing to try it out for couple of or a few times, you should get acupuncture. If you're in complete denial based on your previous none acupuncture experience, you shouldn't get acupuncture.

Or if you have had one bad acupuncture experience and draw the conclusion that acupuncture is a scam, I'd want to persuade you to give it another try with a different acupuncturist. Think about all those Chinese restaurants you have been to, you probably favour this one over others; Some may be more authentic Chinese, and some are more localized; Some provide fusion foods of Chinese and other flavours ...Acupuncture, same as Chinese foods, has been around for several thousands of years and all over the world.

The stone form of acupuncture needles appeared the earliest about 8000-4000 years ago. Archaeologists discovered pictograms representing the meaning of acupuncture dated back to 3000 years ago. The oldest Traditional Chinese Medicine classic "Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor" is generally dated by scholars to the Warring States period (475-221BC).

Acupuncturists' abilities, skills and styles, same as chefs', vary from one to another. Acupuncture is worth trying. In the end, you choose whichever helps you most and makes you happy.

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