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Healthy Winter | Happy New Year 2019

Winter Solstice is very important in terms of health preservation. After Winter Solstice, the Yang energy in nature starts to come back and the day is getting longer and longer. This is the start of another 24 solar terms, and it is an auspicious day. Therefore Chinese celebrate Winter Solstice.

Ancient health preservation put emphasis on this "beginning Yang" stage. You need to carefully protect the beginning Yang like a farmer protects seedling and a mom protects her fetus, to let it grow, healthy and strong. Only when a person has sufficient Yang energy, he can heal from illness and live a longer life.

- Hand rubbing to prevent cold

In cold winter days, it is very beneficial to put your hands together and rub each other until they become hot. There are many important acupuncture points on our hands, such as LaoGong (the Ying-Spring and Fire point of the Pericardium channel), YuJi (the Ying-Spring and Fire point of the Lung channel), HeGu (the Yuan-Source point of the Large Intestine channel). Rubbing and massaging palms and fingers can stimulate the LaoGong point located in the centre of palm to excite the heart; Stimulating YuJi point on the two thenar eminences strengthens the respiratory system and prevent from catching cold.

You can rub your hands for longer or shorter time. It is crucial to do it every day.

- Let the Sun shine on your back

Our back is the Yang region of our body. After Winter Solstice, weather is cold. When the precious Sun is out, let it shine on your back to absorb and strengthen the Yang energy in your body.

- Keep warm feet

An old Chinese saying is "the coldness comes from beneath the feet". Feet are closely related to our overall health condition. The Kidney system in Traditional Chinese Medicine dominates our birth, development, reproduction, aging etc. The Kidney channel pathway begins from under the sole of our foot. Foot is also the place where channels converge and there are over 60 acupuncture points located on foot.

When cold invades the feet, one can feel stomach ache, low back soreness, menstrual cramp etc. Except wearing warm boots, we shall also have feet moving around, walking, jogging etc. Foot bath before bed is a good habit too. Foot bath can promote blood flow and bring more nourishment to the feet, reduce the feeling of heavy legs and general fatigue .

- Winter Solstice moxibustion

ShenQue point, in the centre of the umbilicus, is the connection between the prenatal and postnatal. Ask your acupuncturist for belly button moxa one of these days. Moxa ShenQue point, during the "beginning Yang" time after Winter Solstice, is to benefit Qi and Yang, warm the Kidney and the Spleen, expel dampness, remove blockage.

- Metal Health Preservation

Keep your spirits optimistic, don't sweat on small things and don't force fame and fortune. 保持精神畅达乐观,不为琐事劳神,不要强求名利患得患失。A healthy 2019 starts from today and everyday counts. HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎈


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