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Abdominal Pain, Lower Abdominal Pain, Menstrual Cramps | Acupuncture Can Help

Abdominal pain? Most people just tolerate it or take a pain killer. Acupuncture is known for reducing pain. You can certainly get some help from your neighbourhood acupuncturist. A good acupuncturist should be able to reduce different pains accordingly.

Do you know exactly what is causing your pain? Except those digestive conditions such as stomachache, cholecystitis, appendicitis etc, women often have pain related to reproductive system.

Lower abdominal pain and general malaise during menstruation is mostly physiological. If the pain is severe, it is called "Dysmenorrhoea". Often teenager girls have primary dysmenorrhoea , which may heal itself later on.

Women should closely monitor her own pain, such as time, level of severity and accompanying symptoms. Abnormal pain can be a signal of underlying health issues in reproductive system. Don't just take pain killers to cover it. Endometriosis forms masses around ovaries, uterine and rectum, which can cause pelvic pain at any time, and quite severe before period and during period. It also causes pain during intercourse.

Ovulation pain is a sensation with the ovulatory stage of the menstrual cycle due to the expanding follicle stretching the membrane of the ovary. Generally speaking, this is normal. But acute, severe, stabbing or debilitating pain is not normal. If the level of pain requires a pain killer or stops you from getting on with your day, you need to get checked out by a reproductive specialist.

If your period is overdue or you know you're pregnant, all of a sudden, you're experiencing bursts of pain centre of the lower abdomen or you see vaginal bleeding. This is often the sign of a miscarriage. Ectopic pregnancy bleeding is an emergency. Go to hospital immediately.

Gynaecological cysts and tumours cause the feeling of abdominal pain, distention, dragging, lower back ache. It is constant but often not severe, therefore patients won't pay much attention to it. If the tumour suddenly twists, ruptures, bleeds, which usually causes sudden pain. Now it needs immediate operation.

It is always good to know your body and be clear of your choice of coping with abdominal pain, menstruation-related pain.

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