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Personality, Emotions and Health Problems

Frequent colds, sensitive skin, discomfort in throat, stomach ulcer, insomnia, dreamful sleep, regular headaches... do you notice that some people constantly are fighting against one particular health problem? Sometimes, negative emotion is the evil backstage manipulator.

->Short Temper, Irritation and Primary Hypertension

Research finds that people with primary hypertension tend to be more combative, irritable and short-tempered. They have high expectation and demand quicker outcome. These people are ambitious , indulging in work but lack of patience, more subjected to negative emotions. They feel more of time urgency. Clinical research also finds that primary hypertension closely relates to coronary heart disease, stroke, cerebrovascular diseases and gastrointestinal ulcers.

->Psychological Conflict and Diabetes

After ruling out hereditary and lifestyle factors, major incidents in life and work, setbacks and psychological conflict can induce and accelerate diabetes. Some doctors put forward the concept of "Diabetic Personality" and believe people with diabetic personality are less mature, passive, indecisive and lack of confidence etc. Later studies prove that these characteristics also exist in other chronic patients.

->Emotional Instability and Headache

The most common headache includes tension headache and migraine . Long-term emotional instability, nervousness can easily trigger tension headache.

Migraine has psychological, blood vessel and biochemical aspects. In term of psychological aspect, patients tend to have unstable emotions, in-flexibility in coping with things, extreme worry about health. They are somehow depressed, pessimistic and dissatisfied.

->Childish Sensitive and Bronchial Asthma

Bronchial asthma is a common physical and mental illness that happens a lot in children . It has a lot to do with the body constitution. Affected children tend to be inward, pessimistic, childish, sensitive, emotionally unstable, more dependent and hope to be taken care of ; they tend to retreat when encountering something and lack of confidence .

-> Nervousness and Neurodermatitis

Skin problems result from multiple reasons, such as psychological, emotional, stress and over-exertion etc. Some even think that, failing to get enough stimulation on the skin from mom's caress and hugs during childhood leads to this problem.

->Over-Inhibitation and Cancer

Overly inhibited, not displaying negative emotions, trying to avoid all conflicts, these people are overly patient and forbearing to others, subdue to authority. This type of "nice personality" is not healthy but a rather repressed one. It may lead to cancer. It also closely relates to skin disease, asthma and ulcer etc.

->Loneliness and Alzheimer's Disease

Most patients with Alzheimer's are quiet and depressed type. These people are not good at interacting with outside world, lack of emotional communication. Those who live solitarily, without a spouse, emotionally depressed are high-risk groups.

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