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Keep Regular Period in Check

Many young women come to seek help when they are having problem to become pregnant. It actually takes a while from irregular period to infertility. Many people didn't give enough attention to irregular period, which is an early warning sign. Some young women experience much less amount of menstrual blood comparing to previous period, or haven't had period for 6 continuous months. This is the time you need to see your doctor. When we talk about the amount of menstrual blood, we only compare to ourselves' not to other women's.

It is important to keep regular period in check.

- Good emotional state helps. Anger, worry, sadness can lead to blocked menstruation, reduced menstrual amount and amenorrhea. Acupuncture points Hegu LI4 and Taichong LV3 are the combination to move Qi, invigorate blood, sooth liver energy and benefit a good mood. Massage them whenever you can, especially one week before the period comes.

- Another two acupuncture points that help with period are Sanyinjiao SP6 and Xuehai SP10. After period finishes, it is the time to massage these two points to nourish blood and regulate period.

- Excessive dieting may trigger amenorrhea. Our brain is sensitive to obvious weight change during a short period of time and the central nervous system may suppress the ovarian function.

- Stop smoking . Chemicals produced by smoking lower the follicular maturation rate and cause women's fertility and egg reserves decline.

Acupuncture is quite effective in moving stagnant energy and regulate period. Don't hesitate to consult your acupuncturist when you're suffering irregular period .

The acupuncture point illustrations are from A Manual of Acupuncture App.

Copyright belongs to original authors.

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