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Common Symptoms due to Qi and Blood Deficiency

You must have heard of this term "Qi and blood deficiency" from your acupuncturist or TCM practitioner.

- What causes "Qi and blood deficiency"?

From a TCM perspective, bad mood is the thing that consumes Qi and blood most. Over-thinking, worries, anger, fear, vexation can all consume Qi and blood.

Fast-pace consumes a lot of Qi and blood. Getting faster and faster is the direction of human society's development. New tools, new technology , can our body catch up with the development speed? Is our Qi and blood enough to match up the development ?

Going after thrill consumes Qi and blood, such as overindulging in sex, street drug, playing much games etc. Staying up late consumes Qi and blood because you are supposed to be in bed and let body to reproduce blood at night.

Weak stomach and spleen can not transform and transport nutrients well to make enough blood. Some people over eat, which is hurting their stomach and speen, leading to more blood deficient. Blood is the material to generate energy - Qi.

Women have more chances to lose blood. If she does not know how to nourish herself, she can easily become blood deficient and doesn't feel well.

- What are the common symptoms related to Qi and blood deficiency? Too many symptoms are directly or indirectly caused by Qi and blood deficiency. Below are some common ones for your reference.

Insomnia Insomnia often has something to do with "heart and spleen deficiency", which causes heart blood deficiency. Due to heart blood deficiency, heart is not nourished and mind is not easing. Therefore insomnia, excessive dreaming, difficulty staying asleep come along.

Constipation Stomach Qi deficiency causes slowing-down bowel movement. Large intestine dryness accompanying blood deficiency causes hard stool and difficulty to pass.

Diarrhea Weak stomach and spleen, Qi and blood deficiency result in lousy digestion. The clear nutrients and turbid waste are not separated , and they are expelled together.

Water retention Lu Qi doesn't descend and regulate water channel; Qi and blood deficiency causes weak kidney and spleen leading to insufficient water metabolism, dampness retention and swellings.

Joint Pain Painful rheumatoid arthritis , rheumatic arthritis , gout in current medicine are categorized as Bi Syndrome in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Lacking of righteous Qi, the body can't stop external pathogens such as wind, cold, dampness from invading. These harmful pathogens enter meridian, muscle and joint, resulting in impeded blood circulation, ache, pain, numbness and swelling etc.

Ringing in the ear The kidney opens at ears, and tinnitus is due to kidney Qi deficiency.

Worsened vision When there is not enough blood to nourish the eyes, vision becomes worse. Worsened visiting is particularly related to the liver organ. Liver blood deficiency gives dry eyes blurred vision; liver fire uprising causes red, swelling or painful eyes.

Palpitation and shortness of breath There are two kinds of palpitation, tachycardia or bradycardia. They both can be related to Qi and blood deficiency. The heart is the body's engine. Without enough Qi and blood, the heartbeat slows causing palpation, short of breath and chest tightness. When blood deficiency causing deficiency heat, a deficiency heart fluttering happens.

Cold feet and hands, numbness Qi and blood deficiency causes impeded blood circulation and metabolism leading to cold feet and hands, sometimes numbness in limbs.

Hair loss Hair is the extension of blood (发为血之余). Long term blood deficiency results in hair lacking of blood and withering.

Bad memory When Qi can't push blood up to nourish the brain, memory worsens.

Above are examples of Qi and blood deficiency. Acupuncture is best in stimulating and moving Qi and blood, meanwhile as a patient, proper diet and healthy lifestyle are something you have to follow through.

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