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Post-lockdown | Acupuncture helps a smooth summer

Covid-19 is gradually under control and people are hanging out to enjoy newly-reopened patios in Toronto in summer 2020.

Temperature and humidity increase together. The hot weather makes people susceptible to "external evils", such as "heat evil" and "dampness evil". Some people can experience a heatstroke: dizziness, headache, fever or normal temperature, thirsty, sweaty, lack of concentration, uncoordinated... severe cases may involve fainting...These people need to move to a cooler area and take water and supplemental salt.

In these hot days, our "Yang Wei" (defensive Qi) is going towards the superficial skin, and our internal body is deficient cold. Especially the digestive organs such as spleen and stomach can easily get attacked by cold and dampness. Therefore modern people are also more susceptible to "cold evils" in summer, due to our current lifestyle and diet. Eating too much cold foods, or receiving too much wind cold from air-conditioner, can get you into "cold evil" problem.

Depending on different constitutions, some may have poor appetite, bloated, loose stool diarrhea; some may have bad breath, bitter mouth, sticky stools that stick to the toilet wall or constipation.

In summer, young people tend to stay up partying late, eat a lot of deep fried, sweetened foods and have freezing cold drinks. These habits result in more acnes, rash, boils etc on the skin.

Summer is the perfect time to strengthen our immunity and prepare for the upcoming cold days. Especially now we are all facing the potential second wave of pandemic. No matter you are feeling a bit mal under the heatwaves to have your symptoms fixed, or you just want a tune-up session. Visit your local acupuncture clinic and enjoy some cool relaxation.

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