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Keep Warm in Cold Days | Prevent Wind Cold Invasion

On our body, there are 3 areas that are most vulnerable to cold invasion . We must protect them well.

- Around back of the neck, behind the earlobes, and below the occiput, there are 4 points with Wind /Feng(风)in their names. They are Wind Pool/FengChi (风池), Wind Palace/FengFu(风府), Wind Screen/YiFeng(翳风), and Wind Gate/FengMen(风门).

Wind, sweeping along coldness, can easily enter these points and cause aches, pain on neck and shoulders and other problems. Put on hat and thick scarf before stepping out.

- Lower back and abdomen. Lower back is the palace of kidneys. Coldness entering this area damages kidney Qi. Deficient kidney Qi not only causes cold limbs, lower back soreness , weak knees, lassitude...could also affects the development and reproductive function, such as dripping urination, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation etc.

In the front, on centre abdominal area, there is an important energy centre. The rough location is between umbilicus and 2 inches above the pubic bone. People who are weak in this energy centre often have big thick tummy fat.

You can wear a vest or thick waist band to keep warm of the energy centre in the front and kidney palace in the back.

- Feet. Coldness rises from the ground. With so much snow sinking into the ground, feet are likely affected by coldness the most. Wear thick water-proof boots and socks. Even at home, you shall not walk barefooted on cold tiles and floors. Tendons, ligaments and muscles shrink at coldness causing tight calf muscles, heel and ache pain etc. Foot bath in hot water for 20 minutes before bed each night helps a lot.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, wind and cold are predominant pathogenic factors. You shall stay away from them not only in winter but also when it's warm and you're sweating .

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