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5 Things to Avoid in Winter Solstice

The key of preserving health during the solar term of Winter Solstice (冬至节气) is to "hide" Yang energy. Winter Solstice is the important stage where Yin and Yang transform. Yang energy has been the weakest now and one has to hide it well to cure the feeble Yang in the body.

- Avoid much food ...from Winter Solstice to the New Year, remember not to eat and drink too much. The Yang energy has been the weakest and can't digest that much food.

- Avoid the cold ...due to the weaker immunity at this time, dress up warm when stepping out to avoid catching a cold.

- Avoid sexual activities ...with little Yang energy, it is the time to save body's sexual essence and prevent much sex from weakening our body.

- Avoid big sweat ...sweating a lot consumes a lot of Yin energy too. During the winter, one should follow the nature, nurturing and conserving. It is better to rest more other than doing strenuous exercise and sweat too much.

- Avoid emotional problems ...winter is a period of high incidence of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Avoid emotional conflict to avoid sudden illness caused by emotional turbulence.

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