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Open Up Congested Nose

The weather goes up and down during these early spring days. Many patients come to clinic to alleviate cold symptoms. Some people with lower immunity have been having lingering cold on and off for the whole winter.

Here are couple of tricks that you can try to open congested nose if you're experiencing a cold, or to prevent from catching a cold if you do it regularly.

1) Use warm or hot towel to cover the mouth and nose area. Then use two index fingers to press on the acupuncture point Yingxiang on top of the towel. You will feel your nasal cavity a good open-up and it feels great!

2) On the palm side of hand, on the thenar eminence , between the midpoint of the shaft of the first metacarpal bone and the thenar muscles lies an acupuncture point Yuji, which is the Ying-spring and Fire point of the lung meridian. It is indicated to release lung heat. We needle this point for painful throat, hoarse voice, yellowish sputum etc.

We can put the two thenar eminences together to rub each other for at least 30 seconds, until they become hot. Then quickly place the thenars onto Yingxiang points, which we just now talked about. You will feel the stimulating warmth and the nasal cavity opening up too!

The acupuncture point illustrations are from A Manual of Acupuncture App.

Copyright belongs to original authors.

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