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Sunbathing in Spring | Boost Yang Energy

Living in Toronto, we all lover the sun and ...acupuncture :)

The Sun is the biggest natural source of Yang energy. Yang energy is the driving force of our body's internal functions. When Yang is sufficient, we have better immunity. Sunlight also helps release stress and improve the emotions.

Sunbathing in spring can be very nourishing. How to benefit the most from sunbathing in spring for middle-aged and older people?

Everyone has different tolerance to sunlight. Middle-aged and younger people can sunbathe 1-2 hours each time and older people can get 30-60 minutes each time. When the sunlight is strong, remember to wear sunglasses, especially those with cataract . Step out to somewhere with nice greenery and fresh air. Don't stay inside because the glass filters ultraviolet light, which is not good for vitamin D synthesis.

>>> Sunbathe the ankles to expel coldness, 6am - 10am

"The coldness comes from below the feet", an old Chinese saying tells us. Those with cold hands and cold feet often have the body constitution of Yang deficiency. Between 6am to 10am, the temperature is mild with strong infrared light and weaker ultraviolet light. It is a good time to sunbathe the feet.

After one night of sleep, older people's blood circulation has slowed down and energy doesn't quite reach the feet. After getting out of bed, when the weather is nice, expose the ankles and feet to get the sunlight and meanwhile do some ankle rotation. This can help with the circulation. The six foot acupuncture meridians have all their yuan-primary points around the ankle. Letting the sunlight directly shine on those important acupuncture points can increase metabolism and help improve the vitality of internal organs.

>>>Sunbathe the top of head to supplement Yang energy and benefit the hair , 10am - 16pm

Traditional Chinese Medicine says "Head is where all the Yang energy converges". Go out at noon time and allow the sunlight to warm up Du20 Baihui point , which is the highest point on the head. It is good for the brain's development and the growth of hair. Older people can take a 30-min walk after lunch. This helps to keep all the meridians unobstructed.

>>>Sunbathe the back for vitamin D synthesis, 16pm - 17pm

The Sun is going down and temperature is mild. The α rays of ultraviolet light are stronger and it is the best time to store some vitamin D and facilitate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the small intestine.

There are quite a few meridians going through the back. Sunbathing the back helps regulate Qi and blood, and warm up the meridians.

>>>Sunbathe the palms, anytime

Our palms rarely get sun. Open your hands and let the sunlight dance in your palms to relieve fatigue and benefit sleep.

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