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Dandelion as Herb | Easy Tea to Clear Fire

Spring is here, and dandelion will be popping up all over the fields! Now the homeowners face a yearly problem of dandelion removal.

Here is the good news that, this resilient plant with vibrant round yellow flowers has long been used as a herb and food in China. It is naturally anti-inflammatory, can help with swollen burning throat, tonsil inflammation, painful red eyes etc.

For adults, pick 50 - 60g fresh dandelion, either leaves or root, and boil them with 500ml water into dandelion tea. Drink it for the whole day and eat light food, you will notice the result. Dandelion can help save your body's first defensive line - the tonsil.

Dandelion is women's friend. Many women have liver Qi stagnation generating fire, causing hyperplasia of mammary glands, acute mastitis; Some women don't have enough daily water intake, therefore getting urethritis. In both cases, dandelion tea is a good therapy.

In Chinese households, dandelion are often used as the dumpling stuffing, made into appetizer salad, soup or stir-fried with meat slice. Right picked from your own back yard, it is THE seasonal fresh vegetable for spring. After processed in hot water for couple minutes, mix garlic, soya sauce, vinegar, sesame oil and some sea salt to your liking - now its light bitter fragrance appeals! The best thing is, it is bitter, so it clears internal fire !!

Internal fire flaming may cause many conditions....Your acupuncturist is likely to use needles to drain the fire. Why not save some good fresh dandelion after working on the grass, try making some easy dandelion tea in the first place. You may also dry dandelion leaves and root for future use. Usually 9 -15g dried dandelion added with 500ml water are good amount to boil dandelion tea for adult use.

If you are a healthy person and want to drink dandelion tea as health care, don't use too much of dandelion. Dandelion has cooling nature, to those who are yang vacuity with weak spleen and stomach, big amount of dandelion might result in diarrhea. If you have allergy and of sensitive constitution, consult a TCM herbalist.

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