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Being Forgetful? | Tonify Kidney Qi

Forgetfulness can be addressed in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Forgetfulness is not a singular symptom and it is a reminder that you need to look after your body better.

In normal condition, young people should have better memory than elder people. Do you ever have such experiences : after leaving your house, you keep asking yourself "have I locked the door? should I go back to check?"; or you write something important on your note to aid memory, then you just can't find your note!

Those who lead a busy life and work with high stress level are more subjected to forgetfulness. When the memory gets worse, there come other symptoms such as achy lower back, ringing in the ears, dizziness, heavy feeling in body, easy tiredness, and male sexual impotence; females may experience abnormal period .

The root cause of forgetfulness is inadequate Kidney Qi. According to TCM, Kidney Qi is the biggest supplier to our brain. Therefore you understand why kids have better memory and as aging, memory becomes worse and worse.

Here is a list of all those you can do to damage Kidney Qi:

- Analgesics abuse

- Overdosage of some herbs

- Over-eat and over-drink

- Frequent holding urine

- Too little intake of water

- Think tea after alcohol

- Too much salt intake

- Too much sex. Too much sex fantasies can consume Kidney Qi too.



Below are 3 ways to tonify Kidney Qi:

1. 睡好子午觉 -Good sleep at Zi Time a.k.a 11pm to 1am (子时) and Wu Time 11am to 1pm (午时).

If you must work overtime at time, the suggestion is sleep between 11pm and 3am and work after 3am to protect the liver and gallbladder function .

Some complain that they have insomnia. Even if they lie down , it is difficult to fall asleep; even if they fall asleep, they do not feel refreshed the next day. Over time, their memory gets worse. In order to treat this problem, it is time to seek help from an acupuncturist to regulate the body.

2. Loose fists tapping head

Make loose fists to tap the head. Start from the anterior hairline on forehead, tap along the midline of head up to the posterior hairline. Then tap towards the tips of ears, temples and back to start points. Do this 10 times after every 1 or 2 hours work, and you will feel a clearer mind and less tired. Tapping the head can see a temporary stimulation of Yang energy in hand.

3. Moxa the whole Du channel

Moxa the whole Du channel can tonify the kidneys and nourish the brain. You will see a quick improvement of memory. You may also moxa the area between Life Gate and Shen Shu to tonify the Kidney Qi. Ask your acupuncturist for help if you can't do this at home.


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