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Simple Summer Tips | Take Care of Yourself

The long, hot summer is approaching, here are a few things you need to be careful with .

- Do not blow air-conditioning wind directly to the neck.

When the cervical spine is exposed to direct air-conditioning wind, its surrounding soft tissues and muscles can develop chronic condition resulting in constant spasm and achy pain in neck, shoulders and back. Our suggestion is that the room temperature should not be lower than 25 degrees celcius, and your shoulders and back should not face the air-conditioner. Or you may use a shawl and take a hot bath at night.

- Do not drink water too fast.

Due to the high temperature in summer, our body dehydrates faster and many people are used to drink fast water. As a result, water enters blood circulation. The blood is diluted and the blood volume is increasing, which is bad for the heart. Those with coronary heart disease may feel sense of suppression in the chest, short of breath etc. In severe situation, this may lead to myocardial infarction.

Therefore in terms of water intake, don't go too fast. It should be multiple times with smaller amount like 100 - 150 ml each time. Also don't drink cold or icy water and water of room temperature or warmer than room temperature is better.

- Protect eyes from sun burn.

In the scorching sun, eyes are the most vulnerable organ. Eyes like coolness with aversion to heat. Failure in protecting eyes from the sun leads to premature aging and other eye problems. When going out between 10am to 4pm, it would be best to wear sun-glasses, hat or use an umbrella to block the sun. Some food are eye-nourishing, such as longan, Chinese yam, carrot and red dates. Summer is the season that bacteria breed fast, so not to rub your eyes with hands. Using running water to wash your face can reduce the occurrence of eye diseases.

- Do not exercise in early morning.

It turns bright rather early in summer. However the pollutants in air has not completely diffused yet before 6am. Besides, plants don't use photosynthesis during night and level of carbon dioxide is higher in early morning.

- Reduce dust in your house.

It is hot and humid in summer, dust is more easily attached to the air and enter the skin and respiratory system, leading to asthma, rhinitis etc.

- No cold food.

Eat less cold food to stay away from intestinal diseases, especially no cold food when just waking-up and before bed. While having cold food, you may add some ginger or wasabi to warm up your digestive system and kill bacteria.

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