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Weight Loss Strategy | Kidney Tonification

This article provides a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective on weight loss.

Many people have this idea that in order to lose weight, they must cut diet. Typically many women of age 25 - 50, due to improper diet, suffer from malnutrition, which leads to irregular period, infertility, persistent vaginitis etc.

What is wrong with cutting diet? Cutting diet is a weight loss strategy of low efficiency.

Just think about those winners at Hamburger Eating Contests each year. They are relatively lean people and very energized. Why aren't they obese after eating that much? Because they digest well with high metabolism.

Why most people start to gain weight after middle age?

Reaching middle age, the kidney becomes weaker and weaker due to over stress from work and life, frequent sex etc. While the kidney weakens and spleen becomes weak too. According to TCM theory, spleen is in charge of transportation and transformation. Weak spleen leads to lower digestive ability and slower metabolism. Therefore those food can not be well digested and discharged, it has to gather in our body resulting in big tummy, thighs and love handles.

On the other hand, when the kidney is weak, one can easily feel hungry and needs food right away. Therefore tonifying the kidney can accelerate digestion and metabolism; tonifying kidney can also reduce the hunger.

If one eats less and digests more, how would he gain weight.

There are several ways to tonify the kidney. Lower back is where our kidneys are located. There are important kidney back-shy acupuncture points that you can work on to strengthen kidney. Along the kidney meridian, K-3 yuan point is significant for kidney tonification. Massage Dan Tian can stimulate pre-natal energy and tonify kidney too. Kidney stores essence and opens into the ears, therefore, exercising ears can help kidney function too...Kidney tonification is a long-term goal and it requires regular effort and dedication.

Ask your trusted acupuncturist for advise of kidney tonification and weight loss.


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