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Health Preservation Tips for Today | Frost Descent

Frost Descent is one of the 24 divisions of the solar year in the Traditional Chinese Calendar, and it is the last division of the autumn. It is usually around October 23rd or 24th every year. After the Frost Descent, wolfs start to hunt a lot to prepare the winter months; grasses and woods turn yellow and fall; reptiles are going to hibernate.

In China, Frost Descent is the season to appreciate chrysanthemums. Among the Chinese people, there is a saying that ," Having a persimmon on the day of Frost Descent prevents from catching cold and runny nose in winter."

Frost Descent is the time to eat tonic foods. Therefore in many areas in China, people have the tradition of having lamb. Lamb has to be cooked together with white gourd, sponge gourd, spinach or bamboo shoot to cool, detox and reduce the heat.

You need to keep warm now, and prevent the dryness in autumn. Although we have the saying to "Dress thicker in early spring and to brave the chill in autumn" (春捂秋冻), not everyone is a good candidate to brave the autumn chill. Especially for those older with weaker immunity, pay attention to the weather forecast and add layers in time to stay away from dampness and coldness.

Frost Descent is the peak time of chronic gastritis and chronic bronchitis. Some bee honey, white fungus, pear, onion can help.

This is the time of a year that, when you wake up in the morning, it feels too cold and too dark to get out of the warm bed. Many people have difficulty to get up and feel low spirit and depressed during the day, therefore, keep a regular exercise regimen to lift spirit and strengthen the Yang energy.

If you know about Moxa, it is the time to moxa the powerful stomach meridian point ZuSanLi 15-20 minutes. You can do it every other day for a month. This can reward you with peaceful winter months to come.

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