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Spring | A wind-stopping acupuncture point : Feng Chi

According to the 24 divisions of the solar year in the Traditional Chinese Calendar, in 2017, Spring began Feb 3rd.

The temperature has been up and down and some people have stripped thick coats, therefore the cold wind enters skin, tissues, joints and veins, causing all kinds of wind problems.

In a broader sense, many are wind problems, such as, cold, allergic rhinitis, asthma, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, hives etc..

风池, pronounced as Feng Chi, is a most significant wind point. It is located below the occiput, in the hollow between the origins of sternomastoid and trapezius muscles. Its Chinese name means Wind Pool, which is a moat to the head and it is an obvious hollow like a pool.

To protect our head, we must protect the moat Feng Chi. Wear a scarf to prevent wind from entering; massage this point on both sides daily to reduce the symptoms of cold, headache and neck problems.

Many people suffer from stiff neck, which is mostly due to reading bending the neck overtime, plus wind invasion into the weaker neck. Scraping Gua Sha is a common therapy that can reduce neck stiffness immediately.

Acupuncture stimulation to this point can also eliminate wind, benefit head and sense organs, activate channel and alleviate pain. It can improve blood flow to the brain and lower blood resistance to prevent HBP. There are many more indications for Feng Chi.

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