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Before and After Acupuncture | What to Know?

In a related blog "How long after acupuncture can I shower", I talked about "shower/bath after acupuncture". After acupuncture treatment, you want to rest, stay away from wind, cold, rain etc.

There are also things that you should know before going to an acupuncture appointment, please make sure that you're not completely empty stomach, too tired or too tense. It does take some energy for needles to work.

Since you're going to try Chinese acupuncture, it shows that you're at least curious or have nature affinity to this ancient healing wisdom. I want to prepare you a bit more about it before seeing an acupuncturist.

Acupuncture is one important modality in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the other important modality is Chinese herbs. Of course there are other modalities such as cupping, which is getting increasingly popular in Toronto.

Have belief before seeing an acupuncturist. Belief is trust. Thus your heart to heal echoes the acupuncturist's will to help, which benefits the treatment. The patient with trust relaxes more during treatment, is more confident and his meridian energy is easier to be stimulated by needling. Negative worries can affect the treatment in a negative way.

Some patients ask, "can you treat XXX?" (XXX is a western medicine diagnosis name) . Acupuncturists have knowledge in western medicine too, but when it comes to treating , they care more about the patient's major symptoms and his body constitution. Acupuncturists follow TCM diagnosing ways (look, listen, question and feel the pulse) to differentiate syndromes, and decide treatment plan accordingly.

To TCM practitioners and acupuncturists, when all the laboratory examinations and imaging reports are in the normal range (according to the current medicine, the client is healthy), if some mal signs are shown in acupuncture meridians, points or body palpation, this means inbalances are forming in the Qi level. At this stage prompt treatment can cure the potential disorder.

Traditional Chinese Medicine does not rely on the numbers from the current medicine. TCM believes the balance of Yin and Yang, harmonious Zang Fu organs and unobstructed meridians are to heal every disorder.

TCM emphasizes the power of spirit. Negative emotions such as sadness, fear, anger, grudge, wild excitement, over-thinking can all affect the health negatively.

TCM cultivates a lifestyle following the natural environment. As part of the nature, we ought to sleep when the night falls and wake up when the day breaks. Each season of spring, summer, autumn and winter has its wane and wax of yin yang energy. We must change our life habits accordingly. Every food has its yin yang characteristics, and we need be aware of them too... ...

"Preventive treatment" is the core of TCM. Stay away from wind coldness, adjust your food and life habits, free your spirit... all these are important factors in leading a healthy life .

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