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Moxa the Belly | Warmth and Women

Moxa the belly to keep it all time warm. Growing up, we often hear grandmas say "cover your tummy up especially the bellybutton while asleep!" Belly is where stomach and spleen locate. When cold invades belly and damages spleen and stomach, the digestion would be affectedly accordingly. Digestion is the foundation of many other functions.

In China, the tummy temperature can't be emphasized enough. Little childre used to wear bellyband going to sleep, even though the limbs are exposed. This kid is a famous character from an ancient Chinese folk tale. If you know him, you'd be smiling; if you don't, email me and ask 😉 He is the most famous traditional Chinese bellyband model, more so than many movie stars. Bellyband is to protect tummy from getting cold. Sometimes Chinese herbs are seamed inside for the weak and elderly.

The tummy temperature decides your body's age. To increase the warmth of DanTian (lower belly) is an important part of Daoist regimen. Women belong to Yin in comparison to men. Keeping tummy warm like "a little stove" inside so Qi and blood can fill the meridians on abdomen, your face will be nourished like "peach blossom" and your body can appear sexy like spring 🌹

However many women are freezing beauties. They have cold hands and feet, cold stomach and

cold uterus. Many others are "lower cold and upper hot" type of body. One celsius degree lower temperature on abdomen results in 12% less metabolism and 30% lower immunity. When circulation is bad, cellular metabolic waste increases in blood and the body ages faster. To women, it means more chances getting fibroids, infertility, extra weight etc. If you have bad cramps before menstruation, you can use warm water bag on tummy to reduce the pain.

Therefore those low-rise pants, crop tops, bare feet wearing high-heels in winter are big no-no!

To strengthen the DanTian energy and warm up the tummy, acupuncturists often suggest moxibustion(moxa) treatment on different points on lower abdomen, lower back and other areas. Sometimes warming herbs are combined with moxa depending on the conditions.

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