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Obstructed Acupuncture Channels | Do You Have These Symptoms?

When all the acupuncture channels are through, there is no pain and aches.

If there is pain somewhere, it shows there is obstruction in acupuncture channel(s).

The following are common symptoms indicating obstructed 14 acupuncture channels.

Do you have some of them? Ask your acupuncturist if you have questions.

- Obstructed Pericardium Channel:

insomnia, crazy dreams, easily wakeup, hard to fall asleep

annoyed, forgetful, sense of suppression of chest, dry mouth

- Obstructed Sanjiao Channel:

migraine, dizziness, ringing in the ear, upper-body hot lower-body cold

aversion to cold (hands and feet), lassitude, irritability

sensitive skin, sore muscles and joints, lack of appetite

- Obstructed Lung Channel:

aversion to wind, spontaneous sweating, dry throat, cough

allergic rhinitis, dry skin easily becomes sensitive

short of breath while moving, sense of suppression of chest, pale face and skin

- Obstructed Large Intestine Channel:

toothache, headache, dry mouth, sensitive skin

blue veins and splotchy complexion

peri arthritis of shoulder, chronic laryngopharyngitis

- Obstructed Spleen Channel:

bloated after meal, mal digestion, bland taste in mouth

easy vomiting, easy fatigue, puffiness, obese

feeling distention in head, heavy head, unclear feeling of brain, swollen feet, loose bowl movement

sore achy joints, diabetis

- Obstructed Stomach Channel:

painful throat, burning painful stomach, aversion to heat

achy knee joint, constipation

dry lips, dry tongue, emaciation

- Obstructed Heart Channel:

annoyed, easily frightened, irregular heart beat, heart pain

short of breath, feeling depressed, irritability

mouth ulcer, bad breath

- Obstructed Small Intestine Channel:

pain around belly button, sense of suppression of chest

easy diarrhea, cold hands and cold feet

mal digestion leading to obese, peri arthritis of shoulder

- Obstructed Du Channel:

deficient cold, aversion to cold, cold hands and cold feet, fatigue, weakness

neck pain, lower back pain, hemorrhoids, constipation

imbalance of yin and yang

- Obstructed Ren Channel:

aversion to heat, spontaneous sweating, imbalance of yin and yang

sexual impotence, mal digestion, sense of suppression of chest, asthma

- Obstructed Urinary Bladder Channel:

aversion to wind, aversion to cold, stiff neck, achy back and lower back

achy knees, varicose veins, frequent urine, night urine

hypertrophy of prostate

- Obstructed Kidney Channel:

dry mouth, dry tongue, achy lower back and knees, chronic laryngopharyngitis

irregular menstruation, low sex drive

hypertrophy of prostate, heel pain, frequent urine, oliguria

- Obstructed Gallbladder Channel:

dry mouth, bitter mouth, migraine, headache, easily frightened

frequent sigh, loose bowl movement, constipation, jaundice

mal digestion, joint paint, lipoma, dampness nodule

- Obstructed Liver Channel:

dry mouth, bitter mouth, depression, hypochondriac pain

dizziness, irregular blood pressure, irritability

wither yellow skin, easy fatigue, lack of energy, hypertrophy of prostate

irregular menstruation, breast diseases

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