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Neck Pain | A Note to Those Who Bend Neck All Day

Do you spend long time bending your neck working on computer or looking at your cell phone? Do you have stiff neck, sore neck, neck pain? I'm sure you do, if you are one of us, the modern-day slaves of electrical gadgets. At this moment while writing this blog on computer, I 'm clearly feeling my trapezius muscle, levator scapulae, rhomboid... working hard to pull my big head back ... ... :)

When a person is not bending his neck, the neck only needs to carry the weight of his head about 4 to 5 kg in a straight up position. When he starts to bend his neck, the weight the neck has to hold increases as the bending angle increases.

Over time, you feel soreness heaviness stiffness and even sharp pain on neck shoulders. The tension of these neck shoulder muscles can also affect the blood supply to head, resulting in headache, insomnia, dry eye and tinnitus etc.

Ideally keeping a straight up position all time would be the cure to eliminate neck shoulder pain. However this is most unlikely to accomplish, as there is no way we can give up computers, cell phones etc.

Straightening up your sore neck and resting 5 min every so often does help. Seeing your acupuncturist regularly for maintenance treatment is a great way to release neck pain and tension and take care of your health.

本文编译自《给我们,给自己,给健康5min --- 低头族必看!》,大诚中医品宣部,程氏针灸2017-07-04,版权归原作者所有。

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