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Qing Ming | Prevent Spring Flu, Asthma, Allergy

This most familiar poem about Qing Ming Festival by poet Du Mu, Tang dynasty, says, the rain falls thick and fast, men and women sadly move along the way. Where is there a small bar? The young cowherd points to the Village of Apricot Flower.

Qing Ming Festival (清明节) , April 4 or April 5, is the day that every misplaced Chinese misses his homeland the most. People pay respect to their deceased ancestors on Qing Ming Festival. In my mind I'm seeing a rainy picture that on the country roads near Shanghai, cars heading towards graveyard are lining up moving slowly. Golden-yellow cole flowers cover the fields near and far ... ...

Qing Ming is the 5th among the 24 divisions of the solar year in the traditional Chinese calendar. Every year, it starts from April 4 or April 5, when the Sun falls on 15 degrees of celestial longitude, and it ends April 20 or April 21. The two characters Qing (清) and Ming (明) mean clarity - the sky is clear and the ground is bright. In ancient China, Qing Ming was divided into 3 parts: first tung trees bloom; then those field mice who loves Yin energy go underground; last you start to see rainbow after rain.

During Qing Ming, the climate is dry and wind blows. The temperature quickly climbs and the temperature difference between day and night is pretty big. Sometimes cold current attacks. The weather affects the defensive ability of our respiratory system, lowers immunity and it is easier to contract all kinds of viruses and bacteria. We need to prevent from getting contagious warm diseases, such as flu, epidemic meningitis, scarlet fever, measles, hives etc.

Every year around Qing Ming, there are high incidences of allergic asthma. Sprouting plants, trees release more pollen allergen in the air. Therefore limit visits to parks or wear a mask to reduce the contact with pollen. Pick the right time to step out because usually pollen concentration is higher in the afternoon. Pay attention to temperature change to avoid upper respiratory system infection, don't catch cold. Upper respiratory system infection may induce allergic asthma.

During this season, be careful of eating Fa food (发物). Fa food is nutritious or stimulating. To some with specific constitutions, Fa food may cause some diseases or aggravate old problems, such as bronchial asthma, skin problems, coronary heart disease etc. Therefore reduce the intake of shrimp, lamp, deep-dried food; eat more fruit, drink more water.

When it comes to acupuncture treatment, eliminating those external symptoms such as runny nose, coughing, skin hives is the first step, then to strengthen the body's defensive system.

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