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3 Major Causes of Diseases

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine classic 《Yellow Emperor 's Classic of Internal Medicine》, 3 lines talked about the 3 major reasons causing diseases.

1. Hundreds of diseases are from disoriented Qi.

When getting angry, Qi rushes upwards, which can to red eyes, inflamed throat, bad breath, otitis media and cerebral hemorrhage.

When over-thinking, Qi can easily become knotted leading to either cyst or malignant tumor. Goiter, hepatic cyst, intestinal polyp, uterine fibroid, adipose...these are all products from knotted Qi at different locations. They have different names according to their locations, essentially , they are all knotted Qi congealing blood and phlegm.

Fear causes Qi collapse. When a person is in fear, his legs and feet lose power. All the problems below waistline, such as frequent urination urgent urination, spermatorrhea, cramps, weak, swollen and sore legs etc, are related to the kidney system. Fear harms the kidney system.

2. Over-use causes diseases.

Current medical research has shown that most of our diseases in this era are lifestyle diseases and psychological problems, such as cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes. Life pace is faster, we overuse our body and the body is overdrawn

Modern people use brain and eyes hundreds of times more than our ancient ancestors. It is almost impossible for us to have inner calmness, thus how can our body be harmonious.

3. Complete Morality faces no threat.

《Yellow Emperor 's Classic of Internal Medicine》 pointed out that "One has to possess full morality to be healthy." Morality is not only a training standard but also a health concept.

People with high morals live a longer life. Ancient doctrines told us that "The rich without good morals can go downhill as fast as an arrow". Comparing to being rich lacking of good morals, it would be better to lead a plain life creating less karma. Therefore we need to build up our morals for our own health.

People have underestimated the value of morals, remember what ancestors had said "Complete morality faces no threat; threatened morality can't be complete!" (德全不危,德危不全!)

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