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How To Prevent Knee Pain

How to prevent and avoid knee pain while walking, exercising ?

3 major reasons of knee joint damage are shock, sprains due to unstable weight and joint dislocation due to accidental falls. People in middle age start to feel knee joint degeneration, limited movement and more subjected to knee pain. Tendon and ligament degeneration and fibrous adhesion in the joint can all cause knee joint damage and inflexible knees. Therefore we must take good care of the knee to delay its degeneration process.

Rugged and rocky grounds can make the knee joint turn more frequently and increase the knee joint abrasion. While walking, keep rhythmic and bouncy steps. Steps are not too big and frequency not too fast. Many serious injuries are result from negligence while walking and exercising. Warm up fully before exercising. If there is minor pain in the knee joint, don't neglect it until it becomes major. Be very mindful of knee injury while climbing hills especially going downhill.

Long time sedative work or squatting position can cause stagnant circulation. Therefore stand up to walk, stretch or massage the knee regularly to reduce the fibrous adhesion in the joint.

Knee joint does not have a lot of muscle and adipose tissues to wrap around for protection, and the joint cartilage lacks of veins for blood supply. Therefore the knee joint easily loses warmth and its temperature is usually a bit lower. Long time exposure to coldness can cause contracted veins and even reduce blood supply, metabolism and defence function causing aseptic inflammation in knee joint.

Knee joint does not like damp environment either. In summer when the body is sweating, avoid use cold water to rinse the knees;in winter, keep legs warm. You can use heating pad to warm the knees up.

Controlling body weight to reduce knee joint damage is important too, which many people are not aware of. For middle-aged and elder people, try some lamb, chicken, and add some warm herbs in medicinal liquor to combat coldness in winter.

Soaking feet in warm bath for 10-15 minutes before bed daily can uplift yang energy, tonify yuan Qi, nourish lung and kidney, expel dampness etc. Long term foot bath can prevent osteoarthritis in the knee.

When you start to feel minor discomfort and knee pain, it's the good time to see an acupuncturist to help recover its optimal function and reduce the pain.

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