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Summer is the Best Time for Cupping

To resolve dampness and get rid of recurring diseases, summer is the best time for cupping!

Summer is a busy season for cupping. Comparing to other seasons, Yang energy is exuberant in summer and the Qi and blood is the most full in body too. The energy in meridians flows more smooth and acupuncture points are more sensitive, therefore summer provides the best opportunity for treating chronic recurring diseases.

In summer, it is higher temperature, more rain and more humidity, dampness easily gathers in the body. Cupping in summer can not only warm and nourish Yang, strengthen the body, but also disperse coldness, resolve dampness, move Qi, invigorate blood, dredge channel and remove stasis.

Cupping can help many problems. Some conditions can be quickly relieved , such as back pain, lower back pain, coughing, asthma, chronic gastritis and indigestion.

The most common ways of cupping include retained (fire )cupping, moving cupping, flash cupping and bloodletting cupping. Retained cupping is to leave the cup at certain spot for 5-10 minutes after it is down to the skin. It is good for wind Bi, cold Bi, damp Bi and all the Bi problems such as neck should pain, lower back pain and leg pain.

Moving cupping is to apply massage oil on the targeted area. After the cup is suctioned on the body surface, move the cup back and forth multiple times until the skin turns pink red. This method is suitable for bigger areas with thick muscles such as back or lower back. Moving cupping is often used to treat cold, coughing etc.

Flash cupping is to remove the cup right after it is being suctioned; repeat multiple times until the skin turns pink red. This method is often used for facial paralysis. Bloodletting cupping is to use 7-star needle or plum-blossom needle or lancet to tap the skin or prick to bleed. Then suction the cup to the bled area to let out 3-5ml blood. This method is used on acnes or other skin problems.

There are many bladder channel back shu points on the back. They are closely related to internal organs' function. Receiving cupping therapy once every week is very beneficial to internal organs' optimal performance and the whole body would feel much lighter too.

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